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Alexandra Daddario Boyfriend 2017- Who is She Dating?


Alexandra Daddario Boyfriend 2017- Who is She Dating?

Check Alexandra Daddario complete dating profile to know about her boyfriend or husband as well as all the previous relationships she has been.

Alexandra Daddario Biography

Alexandra Daddario is an American actress born on March 16 198 in New York City. Her father is Richard Daddario, a lawyer, a prosecutor and former head of the NYPD counter-terrorism unit. Alexandra’s brother, Matthew Daddario is also an actor.

Alexandra Daddario

Her family has a very strong political background which is rare amongst Hollywood celebs. Alexandra decided on her career path at a young age of 11 and got trained extensively in acting and drama. As a result, she got her first break in a television series All My Children.

Meanwhile, she also got recognition from her first major role as Annabeth Chase in the 2010 fantasy movie Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lighting Thief. Later on, she also starred in all the movies of the franchise. It is here that she met Lee Forman. At any rate, she made good career choices and rapidly rose to fame. She is right now filming for Nomis, a psychological thriller.

Alexandra Daddario boyfriend or husband

Alexandra Daddario is currently single after having broken up with her long time boyfriend Logan Lerman. She is being romantically linked with her Baywatch movie co-star Zac Efron. None of them have confirmed anything as of yet. There is no smoke without fire though! Paparazzi have been taking interesting pictures of the two hanging together on the sets of Baywatch.

Alexandra Daddario Zac Efron

Alexandra Deddario has been a good girl so far. She is currently single and rumored to be flirting with Zac Effron, his co-star from the movie Baywatch. Zac Efron is Hollywood’s handsome hunk and got recognition from High School Musical movie franchisee where he played the lead role of Troy Bolton.

  • Boyfriend Name: Zac Efron (Not official yet)
  • Started dating: 2017
  • Engaged: No

Previous boyfriend or relationship

Jason Fuchs

Jason Fuchs is an American actor and screenwriter born on 5th March 1986 in New York City. Jason and Alexandra hooked up in 2006 and were in a long term relationship of three years finally breaking up in 2009. Alexandra and Jason met while filming for a short film Pitch in 2006.

Alexandra Daddario Jason Fuchs

Fuchs has been acting since he was seven years old. He has worked in several television serials and movies. He made his screen writing debut with Ice Age: Continental drift in 2012. Recently Jason co-wrote the screenplay of The Wonder Woman starring Gal Gadot.

Logan Lerman

Logan and Alexandra built history together in Percy Jackson movie franchise. Also, their love story is nothing less than a movie story in itself.

Alexandra Daddario ex boyfriend

Logan is a 25 years old American Actor born on 19th January 1992 in Beverly Hills, Los Angele. He was recognized for his roles in the movie Jack & Bobby, Hoot and Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

Alexandra Daddario Logan Lerman

Alexandra and Logan’s relationship started on the sets of the movie Percy Jackson and the Olympian in 2009. They were dating until 16th December 2016. Logan proposed Alexandra and they got engaged. Sadly, the engagement like their relationship in the past, could not survive and they broke up recently.

Rumored boyfriends of Alexandra Daddario

Trey Songz

It is rumored that Alexandra and Trey hooked up in 2011. Trey Songs is a 32 years old American singer born on 28th November, 1984 in Petersburg, Virginia, USA. They hooked up while shooting for Texas Chainsaw 3D.

Zac Efron

The irresistible Zac Efron has won over the heart of Alexandra Daddario recently. Reportedly they became cozy on the sets of the movie Baywatch being shot in 2016. Alexandra plays the love interest of character being played by Zac in Baywatch.

Alexandra Daddario dating

Daddario could not help but bring her on screen romance off screen as well. Blame it on Zac’s steamy body, cute smile and dreamy eyes, he is every girl’s heart throb after all. Even their social media posts hint that something is cooking between the two. They look too comfortable with each other to be just called friends. None of them have confirmed their relationship status yet preferring to stay mum on this topic.

Zac and Alexandra both single are taking their time in making things official. They are just testing the waters mostly. No doubt they both want to tread carefully after having suffered heart breaks at the hand of their previous lovers.

Dating Timeline

Alexandra Daddario does not have a long list of boyfriends. She has a few to which she had been in relationship for years. Here is the dating timeline with all the relationships of this beautiful actress.

  • Zac Efron (2017-present): It is not official yet. During the shooting of Baywatch rumors started to spread about their dating. Even after the movie release Zac Efron shared pictures with Alexandra Daddario which has kept this rumor alive.
  • Jason Fuchs (2006-2009): They met during the shooting of a small film and later started dating. They were in relationship for three years before it ended in 2009.
  • Logan Lerman (2009-2016): This was Alexandra Daddario’s longest relationship. They got engaged in 2016 and then things didn’t work out, so they ended their relationship.
  • Trey Songz (2011): This was a rumored relationship which was started when they were working together. Did they really hooked up is not known yet.
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